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All-Over-Printed Leggings. Made using premium quality 95% Polyester & 5% Lycra. With life-like prints which remain true to colour for a long time.

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DTG T-Shirts

Largest variety of on demand printable t-shirts. Choose from Normal Cotton, Organic Cotton, Organic Cotton & Lycra Blend, orBamboo Fabric. More than 55 colours, and 20 sizes available.

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Sexiest range of summer swimsuits. Made from Polyester Blend to give it just the right amount of thickness and agility. Marry them with your design, and you have a winner product.

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How It Works

You Manage The Brand. Leave The Rest On Us.


Your Site

List as many products with your customised designs on your site as you’d like. Manage the brand, sell & take orders.



At Oowia we will manufacture the product on demand for you, pack it with your specifications, and ship it directly to your customer.


The End Customer

Your customer will receive the product in a packaging with your branding. He/She will never know about Oowia, thinking it came directly from you.

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