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Print On Demand in Mumbai/Bombay: A Booming Industry in 2024

In the bustling metropolis of Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), a revolution is underway in the textile industry. Print on Demand (PoD) services have taken center stage, transforming the way businesses and entrepreneurs approach custom apparel and home decor. As we step into 2024, let’s delve into the world of PoD in Mumbai, exploring its […]

Unleashing the Power of Print on Demand T-Shirt Dropshipping in 2024

The Rise of Print on Demand T-Shirt Dropshipping In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, the print on demand t-shirt dropshipping business model has emerged as a game-changer for aspiring entrepreneurs and established retailers alike. As we venture into 2024, this innovative approach continues to gain traction, offering unparalleled opportunities for those seeking to capitalize on […]

Answers To All The Common Print On Demand In India Questions

print on demand india

The print on demand industry has been growing rapidly in India, with more and more entrepreneurs and businesses looking to take advantage of this low-risk, low-investment model. However, there are still a lot of questions and confusion surrounding print on demand services, especially when it comes to global players like Printify and Printful. In this […]

The growth potential of On Demand Textile Manufacturing

On demand manufacturing, also known as print on demand or made to order manufacturing, is a production model in which products are only manufactured once an order has been placed, rather than producing a large quantity in advance and storing it in a warehouse. This model has been gaining popularity in the textile industry in […]

Why Trend and Design Refreshment are Crucial for Print-on-Demand Brands

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, staying stagnant is a recipe for falling behind. This is especially true for the Indian print-on-demand (POD) brands, where novelty and trend awareness directly impact your bottom line. Keeping your finger on the pulse of your niche’s preferences and regularly introducing fresh designs are not just suggestions, but essential […]

Supima Cotton Vs Regular Cotton

Cotton, a staple in the textile industry, has been used to make clothing for centuries. Its popularity stems from its softness, breathability, and comfort. However, not all cotton is created equal. Two higher-end versions of cotton fabric, Supima and regular cotton, have distinct differences that set them apart. What is Regular Cotton? Regular cotton is […]

How to Use Print-on-Demand to Sell Products on Marketplaces Like Amazon and Flipkart

Print-on-demand (POD) is a growing industry in India that allows businesses to create custom products without having to worry about inventory or fulfilment. POD is a great way for businesses to sell unique products on marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. What is Print-on-Demand? POD is a method of manufacturing where products are printed/manufactured as they […]

OOWIA’s Commitment to Sustainable Products and Packaging in the Print-On-Demand Industry

At OOWIA, we understand that the choices we make today shape the world of tomorrow. As a leading print-on-demand company, we recognize the growing demand for eco-friendly products among consumers who are passionate about making environmentally conscious choices. In response to this call for sustainability, we have embraced a commitment to offering a diverse range […]