Glow In The Dark Printing: The Next Best Trend Right Now

Screen printing can be used to incorporate a variety of interesting dyes and results, including glow in the dark, which is one of the most fascinating. One might assume that this technology is only appropriate for the stars attached to a kid’s bedroom ceiling, but prepare yourself to get surprised by its multiple uses.

Glow-in-the-dark dyes are generally made up of optically active synthetic chemicals (phosphors) that consume and retain energy before releasing it as light over time. Thus, they are also known as phosphorescent or photoluminescent inks. And today’s photoluminescent inks are much stronger and last a significantly greater period than the ones one may remember from one’s youth.

Some of the most elementary reasons why this method is used and is popular not just in India but across the world, are mentioned below:

Optimal Option for The High-Visibility Priority Products
Because of this elevated quality, phosphorescent inks are ideal for safety messages and installations like exit signs in workplaces and public facilities, or floor stickers signaling evacuation routes in public locations, arenas, movie theatres, and concerts, among others. We may also have these and other glow-in-the-dark protection products in self-adhesive material because of our “all under one roof” strategy.

Entertaining, Thrilling, and Attractive
Glow in the dark inks can also be used to produce eye-catching, increased advertising materials like posters and point-of-purchase products, as well as cool marketing pieces like nightclub badges, greeting cards, souvenirs, and stickers.

Lithography, digital, and screen printing under one-stop
Since we do all kinds of printing, we’re in a great place to assist customers to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by various printing methods. To put it another way, we will implement the glow-in-the-dark specifications into more or less any print job and guarantee that everything works out perfectly. We can also assist you from a professional perspective providing every one of the information you require to achieve the best feasible performance. So, don’t put it off any longer; bring your perfect glow in the dark pigment stain now, and begin fabricating your accessories. These are inexpensive and can be used in a variety of innovative directions.

Here are a few more examples of where glow in the dark printing can be used:
• Glow In The Dark T-Shirts and other clothing items
• Emergency illumination
• Escape signals and clocks
• Sports goods, games, and novelty items
• Illuminated fabrics
• Children’s books
• Electronic products and power tools.

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