Now that wearing face masks to avoid the transmission of coronavirus is a regular part of our public lives, it’s time to consider which form of face-covering fits best for you. Many people are using neck gaiters and balaclavas as alternatives to conventional cloth masks. But are neck gaiters, also known as snoods or neck warmers, comfortable to wear? Which ones are the best to buy?

Even, as of June 2021, the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) advises ‘double masking,’ which consists of wearing a surgical mask over either fabric mask or neck gaiter. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a fashionable neck gaiter.

A neck gaiter is a scarf that wraps around the neck and covers the lips, nose, and neck. During the coronavirus pandemic, lightweight neck gaiters were used as an alternative face covering to a standard face mask. Neck gaiters, which are typically made of fleece, fur, or synthetic fabrics, have historically been worn in the winter for sports, climbing, or riding bicycles.

Why do people want to cover their faces with a collar gaiter?

When more people are forced to wear a face mask for the first time, others have discovered that the regular mask is hot or that they have difficulty keeping calm breath, so they choose a neck gaiter for breathability.

Others may like the way a neck gaiter looks, and as a result, neck gaiters, like silk or muslin scarves, have become a common choice for face coverings.

  • Certain forms of neck gaiters and face coverings, according to researchers, are ineffective in preventing the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
  • According to experts, cotton gaiters that are triple-layered are the most powerful.
  • They add that no matter what face covering you wear, it is always necessary to retain physical distance and avoid large crowds.

Is the use of neck gaiters useful in preventing the spread of coronavirus?

The universal rule has been that every face mask is preferable to none. Any cloth that removes virus-carrying droplets from the nose and mouth is beneficial, but its efficacy in preventing the virus’s dissemination varies greatly.

According to the University of California, Berkeley, fabrics used for neck gaiters or snoods are usually thinner than materials used for standard cloth face masks. This means the person would be able to breathe more easily but will be less able to contain droplets that might transmit the infection.

As a result, make sure to double-mask. There are even snoods made of antibacterial cloth, and some also have filter pockets built in so you can use a plastic filter for added security.

Of note, the best face masks for COVID-19 security are N95 masks, which can only be worn by emergency professionals or others who come into close contact with individuals who are exhibiting signs or have tested positive for the COVID-19.

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