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Supima Cotton Vs Regular Cotton

Cotton, a staple in the textile industry, has been used to make clothing for centuries. Its popularity stems from its softness, breathability, and comfort. However, not all cotton is created equal. Two higher-end versions of cotton fabric, Supima and regular cotton, have distinct differences that set them apart. What is Regular Cotton? Regular cotton is […]

OOWIA’s Commitment to Sustainable Products and Packaging in the Print-On-Demand Industry

At OOWIA, we understand that the choices we make today shape the world of tomorrow. As a leading print-on-demand company, we recognize the growing demand for eco-friendly products among consumers who are passionate about making environmentally conscious choices. In response to this call for sustainability, we have embraced a commitment to offering a diverse range […]

How to Use Print on Demand Services In India

Expanding your business through the utilisation of print on demand services can offer a convenient and cost-efficient way to introduce your creations to the market. However, like any business endeavour, there are advantages and disadvantages to using print on demand. Nevertheless, the opportunities presented by print on demand services are nearly limitless. By applying your […]

Unleashing the Potential: Print on Demand Dropshipping in India’s Booming E-commerce Market

Introduction: The print on demand (POD) and dropshipping business models have gained immense popularity in India’s e-commerce landscape. This article delves into the world of print on demand and dropshipping in India, highlighting the services, suppliers, and opportunities available, while also exploring the realm of customized products and the growing demand for various products such […]

Midjourney: The Secret Weapon for Print on Demand Dropshipping Success

A beautiful image created by Midjourney

Print on demand dropshipping is a business model where you create and sell products with custom designs, but you don’t actually have to print or ship the products yourself. Instead, you work with a print-on-demand manufacturer (such as Oowia) that will print and ship the products for you, and you only pay them when a […]

How is Print-On-Demand good for the environment

As a print-on-demand manufacturer, Oowia recognizes the importance of sustainable printing practices in reducing our environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable future. We have implemented several sustainable practices in our production processes to minimize our carbon footprint and promote social and economic sustainability as well. One of the most significant ways we achieve sustainable […]

How To Market with Zero Rupees

Starting an e-commerce business selling print-on-demand t-shirts is a great way to turn your creative passions into a profitable venture. However, marketing your business can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have a significant marketing budget to work with. Fortunately, there are several ways to promote your print-on-demand t-shirt business without breaking the […]