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As one of India’s largest Print On Demand textile manufacturer, we at Oowia, do support the drop-shipping and fulfilment of Screen Printed products. Following is our price structure and respective MOQs for this printing methodology:

Please Note: These prices are only for single colour solid prints. If you are looking for a multi coloured design, then multiply the prices with the number of colours in your design.

Maximum Printing Size: The max print size that we support is 18 Inches (Width) x 22 Inches (Height). The prices mentioned below are for A4 size. A3 will be double the price. A2 will be 3X.

Screen Making Charges: We don’t have any additional screen making charges.

Design File Guideline: We’d need a vector file in order to proceed with screen print orders. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), CDR (CorelDraw), AI (Adobe Illustrator), are the file formats we support. In order to know more about how to convert a file to vector, kindly please refer to this video.

Placing The Order: You may place the order just the way you place any other regular DTG or AOP order.

Products Supported: All the products on which we support DTG, are compatible for Screen Printing as well.

Price Chart:

TierMOQ (In pieces)Price (In Rupees)
Slab I30 – 5970
Slab II60 – 9960
Slab III100 – 14955
Slab IV150 – 24942
Slab V250 – 99935

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