Ecommerce Marketing Calendar Strategy For 2022

Holi Festival In India

Gone are the days when spending activities were solely focused on the upcoming major holiday in the fourth quarter of the year. With so much competition, you must target holidays and events all year round to successfully expand your online business. Choose your holidays and spending activities, but remember to schedule ahead of time; here are few pointers about how to build a marketing calendar.

To save you time, we at Oowia, created an eCommerce holiday calendar with a short rundown of dates and holidays to help you have your most prosperous year yet in 2022. You can also get a printed calendar as well as an editable Google Calendar to mark your eCommerce holidays as you see fit.

Every day is a holiday in shopping and eCommerce, from National Pizza Day in February to International Coffee Day in October. However, with so many celebrations to commemorate, it is critical to consider which of these exciting days and events are significant to your company and your geography within India.

Dates and holidays for eCommerce in the first quarter

The first part, or the first three months of the year, was mostly focused on rekindling relationships with customers who discovered the store during the previous year’s holiday shopping season. Developing relationships with clients and promoting collaboration must be a priority during this period.


January 1st, New Year’s Day.

Customers from all over the globe are the primary audience.

New Year’s Day is a new beginning. Create the content campaigns for the first week of the new year around New Year’s goals, wish lists, and 30-day competitions.


All of February is Black History Month.

People from all around the world are the intended audience.

Black History Month began in the United States to honour African-American contributions throughout history, but it is now celebrated globally, and in India too. Use this month to express your appreciation and gratitude for your clients.

Valentine’s Day (February 14th)

People from all around the world are the intended audience.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and happiness. Even though most people offer romantic gifts on this day, you should inspire your audience to celebrate friendships and other positive relationships as well. When planning this year’s Valentine’s Day ad strategies, think beyond the box.


March 4th (World Book Day)

Avid Readers and bibliophiles are the intended audience.

Is it a wonder that World Book Day coincides with National Grammar Day? I don’t think so. Grammar and books go together, but if your audience isn’t into grammar puns, they might appreciate a good book comparison. Books make for a wide range of imaginative concepts that fans would love.

March 8th is the International Women’s Day.

Supporters of the campaign are the intended audience.

Women’s empowerment and contributions to society are celebrated on International Women’s Day. Celebrate this message if it is essential to your brand. Tell your experience, give a fun deal, or organize a charitable event to benefit local or global communities. You can also focus on women’s products more during this day.

March 28–29, Holi Festival

Hindus and Indians in general in India and other South Asian countries are the intended audience.

Holi is a popular Hindu colour festival that celebrates marriage, rebirth, and the arrival of spring. On this day, people march in a procession and splatter coloured glitter on themselves, their families, and total strangers—all in the name of love. Use this holiday to spread joy by sending a colourful GIF or video. Tie & Dye designs work really well during Holi, choose from our several AOP products, such as an AOP t-shirt to do a bit of splitter and splatter during the festival of colour.

Dates and holidays for eCommerce in Q2.

We prefer to spend more time outside as the weather warms up in the second quarter of the year, make travel, concert, and wedding arrangements. If it is a typical scenario for people in the Northern Hemisphere, people in the Southern Hemisphere, such as Australians, are preparing for winter. Choose the campaign slogans carefully, especially if you are using international drop-shipping through Oowia POD.

April 1st is April Fools’ Day.

Pretty much the entire India is the intended audience. There’s no culture, no demography which doesn’t partake in a little bit of fun at the expense of their loved ones.

On April 1—the day of pranks and hoaxes—most people are used to being on their toes. You should use this day as a brand owner to demonstrate your sense of humour. A social media joke, GIF, or short video may be an easy way to increase brand recognition and interaction. You can also come out with some gag designs on top of our various Print On Demand products, which in-turn can be bought by your end customers to send as gifts to their friends and family.

Easter (Holy Week), 10–12 April

Christians are the target audience.

Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday celebrate the events that led up to Jesus Christ’s revival. Easter is also considered a more significant Christian holiday than Christmas and it’s not as commercialised as well, thus you have a better chance of not getting lost in the crowd.

With each passing year, though, store owners devote more time to planning spring sales during Easter, providing special discounts on various clothing products and home décor products.

April 22nd is Earth Day.

People who favour environmental sustainability are the target demographic.

The environmental movement, which was created in 1970, celebrates its 51st anniversary on April 22. On this day, countries around the world organize environmental-related celebrations.

If this is a cause that is vital to you and your print on demand dropshipping brand, inform your customers about it. Share the ideas, tell a personal story, or launch a product.


Mother’s Day is on May 9th.

People in the entire country are the intended audience.

While the United Kingdom observes Mother’s Day in March, the rest of the world observes it two months later. Mother’s Day is a significant day in India, as it is in the United Kingdom. In reality, it’s the fifth biggest spending holiday in India.

This year, go the extra mile and create heartfelt programs honouring the most influential people in our lives—our mothers. Keep in mind that Mother’s Day isn’t celebrated on the same day anywhere, so do the homework before running the promotions.

Eid al-Fitr, May 12 to May 13.

Muslims are the intended target.

Eid al-Fitr is a Muslim holiday held throughout the world that marks the conclusion of Ramadan’s month-long fast. Develop deals centered around people getting together to eat on this day.


Pride Month runs from June 1 to June 30.

The LGBTQ+ culture and its allies are the intended audiences for this. All around the world, June is celebrated as Pride Month. Kindness and inclusivity ad campaigns are in high demand right now. Focus more on the metropolitan cities of India, such as Delhi, Gurgaon/Gurugram, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc.

June 5 is the World Environment Day.

People who are concerned about the world are the target demographic.

World Environment Day was established by the United Nations to encourage corporations, governments, celebrities, and people to pay more attention to current environmental concerns. If the company is environmentally aware, this is a good time to encourage environmentally friendly goods. You can also publicise the fact that all of your All Over Printed polyester based products are recycled thus serving huge benefit to the environment.

June 13 is International Children’s Day.

Everyone is the intended audience.

International Children’s Day is dedicated to the protection of children’s rights and the abolition of child labour. Create a social media campaign and offer discounts on children’s clothing to show your support on this day. For example, we at Oowia take great pride in saying that no one employed at Oowia is less than 21 years old.

Father’s Day is on June 20th.

Citizens in the United States, Canada, the majority of European countries, India, China, and Japan are the intended audience.

Even though Father’s Day is not as well-known as Mother’s Day, it is also an occasion to remember and celebrate and to give a bit of well deserved love affection to our fathers as well.

June 21 is International Yoga Day.

Yoga practitioners, fitness lovers, and people interested in their health and well-being are the intended target.

Yoga is a physical, emotional, and spiritual discipline that began in India and has since swept the Western world. If you sell activewear or yoga-related items such All Over Printed Leggings, June 21 is the day you don’t want to forget.

Dates and holidays for eCommerce in the third quarter.

Summer is in full swing by now, and so are the pleasures that come with it–outdoor activities, flying, sightseeing, you name it. However, by mid-summer, people are beginning to prepare for the back-to-school season. If you intend to market back-to-school products, start organizing your campaigns as soon as possible.


On July 30th, the world celebrates International Friendship Day.

People from all around the world make up the target demographic.

The world has been honouring the International Day of Friendship since 2011 when the United States created it. This day aims to remind everyone of the vital value of unity, cooperation, and prosperity in a world full of conflicts and problems. This day can be celebrated by spreading customized presents and reminding your peers how special they are.


August 9 is National Book Lovers Day.

Reading afficionados are the intended audience.

Book lovers enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction on this day. People are told to set down their electronic gadgets and pick up a book instead. And if your brand does not sell books, you can use this event to discuss what you’re now reading or to remind your crowd about their favourite books. You can also focus on selling products with designs inspired by books.

Dates and holidays for eCommerce in the fourth quarter.

According to studies, almost 57 percent of brands’ sales increase in the fourth quarter. When you begin your holiday plans for Diwali and Black Friday, keep in mind that there are plenty of other fall shopping opportunities.


September 6th is Labour Day.

Labour Day honours the social and economic accomplishments of workers everywhere. It is a nationwide holiday marked by mass events such as firework shows, picnics, and barbecues.

Labour Day weekend is often correlated with the end of the season. It’s time for many stores and customers to start thinking about new season outfits.

September 8 is International Literacy Day.

People from all around the world are the intended audience.

UNESCO established International Literacy Day to emphasize the importance of education. Highlight charities that assist educators and explore making merch to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the smarts. Conduct a contest and invite the viewers to post a photo of their first day if you want to engage them.


World Mental Health Day, October 10.

People from all around the world are the intended audience.

This day is critical for raising consciousness and combating the social stigma associated with mental health problems. In certain nations, such as Australia, the whole week is dedicated to highlighting the value of mental health. Show your support by highlighting awareness programs that you are involved in, or by sharing your views or stories with your audience. In fact, last year our country’s Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi ji also highlighted the World Mental Health day, thus bringing more prominence to the cause. You can focus on t-shirts with designs which talk about related issues.

Diwali is on November 4th.

Hindus all over the world are the intended audience.

Diwali, also known as the Hindu Festival of Lights, is one of India’s most celebrated holidays. Each autumn, it commemorates the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Diwali is celebrated not just by Hindus, but by the people of all social and economic stratas, religion, caste, or creed.

Families spend days sweeping and decorating their homes in preparation for Diwali. They also go shopping for new clothing and shoes to wear to the festival. Diwali is often the biggest sales season for all brands across India, for a lot of brands, Diwali sales are almost equal to combined sales of the entire year. This is the time when you can think about selling pretty much each and every product that Oowia offers. From Home Décor, to Women’s Clothing, to Men’s Clothing, to Accessories just about everything is a potential winner.

Halloween, October 31

Halloween evolved from an ancient Celtic celebration celebrated in Ireland to mark the close of the harvest season and the arrival of winter. Today, Halloween is anything but serious, with its cheerful costumes, trick-or-treating, and festive decorations.

Use this day to add a little spookiness to your social media campaigns, run a special sale on funky clothing with horror designs, or share how your company celebrates Halloween.


November 19 is International Men’s Day.

Men and boys are the intended targets.

International Men’s Day, while not as commercial as Women’s Day, recognizes the accomplishments of boys and men in the family, work, school, and other areas of life. International Men’s Day is an excellent opportunity to promote or introduce any of the best-selling men’s items, such as a Bomber Jacket.

November 26th is Black Friday.

Target demographics include bargain seekers and holiday shoppers.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where people go nuts for sales and the masses who go crazy for them. You can’t afford to skip Black Friday as an eCommerce business owner. The sooner you begin planning your Black Friday ad plans, the better.


December 24–25, Christmas Eve, and Day

Christians and people living in places where Christmas is a national holiday are an intended target.

These dates reflect a religious and cultural holiday for billions of people all over the world, commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is getting more commercial by the year, but it is still a family holiday, so focus your marketing campaigns on heartfelt ideas and wishes.

December 31st is New Year’s Eve.

People who use the Gregorian calendar are the intended audience.

The last day of the year is typically marked by social events and the viewing of fireworks. It’s also the perfect opportunity to flaunt the most opulent party attire.

Businesses deliver New Year’s greetings to their clients, focus on the previous year, or run exclusive advertisements, typically on items that can be used in the event’s planning.

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