How Can A T-Shirt Be Your Life Saver On All Occasions

If you’ve ever unlocked your wardrobe and said to yourself, “I have nothing to wear,” despite the presence of a plethora of clothes, you’re not the only one. I’ve used this phrase far too often. And, even if I was mindful of the phenomenon, internally, I felt as if my closet had little in it for me.

I’ve found that this unpleasant sensation normally means one of two things: 

(1) my wardrobe needs to be inventoried, and 

(2) I need to reconsider my consumer patterns.

We’re used to following the new fashion trends and rarely skipping a sale, but what sometimes happens is that our closets are overflowing with pieces that barely see the light of day. By redecorating your room and opting to retain only the items you want to use, you will feel as though you have more choices than ever.

In this blogging post, we’ll discuss shopping for fewer, capsule closets, and how to style a t-shirt for multiple purposes.

Why Lesser Dressing Is Better Dressing

With the publication of Marie Kondo’s redecorating guide The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, an overwhelming number of individuals have begun to devote interest to the things they purchase and keep.

It can be difficult to keep up with an environment of trendy fashion and a plethora of styles that change daily. As a result, the notion of becoming happy simply by buying fewer appeals to many people.

I used to believe that having a well-stocked wardrobe was the secret to looking wealthy. Now, I’m more attracted to the idea that it’s not so much how much you have as it is what you have.

Dressing for less is about prioritizing consistency over quantities and prioritizing convenience and individual preference.

A straightforward approach to your clothing will help you find a variety of what you currently have while still being good for your pocket and the ecology.

 The garment industry consumes the world’s second-largest amount of water and accounts for 10% of all carbon emissions. When we purchase less high-quality fabrics, we help mitigate global pollution by expanding the life span of our clothes. Getting pieces that can last for seasons, years, or even decades makes it easy to dress for less and build a sustainable capsule wardrobe.

What Does A Capsule Wardrobe Mean?

Any clothing with little enthusiasm must be aware of the meaning of “capsule closet.”

Capsule sets are used in the retail industry to build a feeling of distinctiveness. However, these pared-down, classic wardrobes are often about individual taste and a way of life.

In reality, many capsule closet consumers got into the trend because they were frustrated with being duped by rampant consumerism into thinking they needed to own something. Deciding to dress in fewer is akin to giving oneself license to concentrate on what one wants and needs.

What does it consist of?

There is no single absolute solution to this query, as there are several other topics in the mindful lifestyle domain. Some outlets recommend that you limit your wardrobe to 50 items, while others recommend that you limit it to 30. Some recommend that you have shoes, while others do not. It’s more about knowing what you need than it is about quantity.

The initial move is to create your basic collection, which involves clothes for various purposes such as working, exercising out, and so on. You should then proceed to design the entire capsule closet, which should last at least one season. Pick your shirts, bottoms, and accessories after you’ve determined your key outfit categories.

You’ve even built your capsule kit!

How To Wear A T-Shirt For Different Events

Numerous fashion aficionados are concerned about transitioning to a more streamlined style since they are concerned that by shopping for fewer, their looks will become boring.

 We’ll use a traditional wardrobe staple “the t-shirt” to demonstrate how one item of clothing will become unrecognizable in various combinations. So take a glance at how one can achieve a variety of styles with the same materials.

Casual Wear
Trousers are among the most common ways to rock a t-shirt. Incorporate the tee with certain mom or boyfriend denim and your favorite shoes for a casual and simple look. If you want a more tailored look, replace the denim with light cotton trousers and flip-flops or shoes as your footwear.

Tuck the t-shirt into your trousers to enhance the look and emphasize the hips.

Leisure Wear
It’s more about the stacks when it comes to leisurewear. The main theme of the appearance is the t-shirt, various hats, and caps. A top with biker shorts or stockings or a soft jumper over the shoulders for a lovely summer morning can be a fantastic choice. It will also keep you comfortable if it gets a little cold outside.

Including a few accessories will help you enhance your t-shirt play and build a variety of appearances from similar pieces.

Pull a fanny pack or a handbag over your shoulders to amp up your athleisure style. This will give your shirt a new perspective.

Outdoor Wear 
Anyone who says a t-shirt seems to be too simplistic for a “going out” style hasn’t found the proper t-shirt. To suit up for a formal treat, pair your edge with light trousers or a satin skirt—this will offer your ensemble a celebratory impression. For a more classy finish, wear a tight-fitting top and accessorize with a purse or an over-the-shoulder purse.

Tieing a knot in a daily t-shirt is a terrific way to turn it into a club frame. You can tie a middle knot, a side knot, or even a crop top. Knot the t-shirt in a twist for a more enjoyable and new style.

Formal Wear
T-shirts are a perfect base surface to mix with other professional attire since they are mostly synonymous with basic cuts. Depending on the trousers you pick, you can plug the entire shirt in, just the front, or leave it out entirely. In either case, as long as you pair it with blazers, smart trousers, or pencil skirts, someone’s t-shirt office wear will look polished.

Active Wear
The wisest choice about choosing your go-to t-shirt is that you can rock it everywhere, including the gym. Consequently to athleisure, the sportswear look should be all about layering, mixing, and projecting your style.

Increased laundry will cause your t-shirt to rip or lose its shape if you use it for exercising. To stop this turn the tee and then wash it in chilled water. Also, if possible avoid using a washer and just wash it by hand. It will extend the life of your beloved shirt, it will also be highly environmentally friendly.

How To Find The Perfect T-Shirt 

Finding dresses that you can customize for various times and styles is one of the most important principles of clothing for fewer. Getting the correct kind of t-shirt that portrays you and your personality is critical because it will allow you to make outfits and looks from the same foundation.

There are three major considerations you can make:

1. Fabric
Cotton and polyester are perhaps by far the most commonly utilized fabrics. Cotton is a natural fiber known for its solace and lightness, whereas polyester is more stretchable and less resistant to losing its form following extensive wear and cleaning.

The heavier and more sturdy your shirt would be, the thicker the thread. Lighter-weight tops, on the other hand, are more compact, less wrinkly, and a better option.

2. Fit
There are three basic fits to pick from; slim, modern, and bulky.

A slim-fit t-shirt fits snugly around the torso and has short arms. A classic trim has well-fitted shoulders and typically hangs smoothly underneath the waist. Finally, the boxy tee has a broader body, long gloves, and a lowered shoulder.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. All three cuts can be styled in a variety of ways.

3. Design & Print
It’s crucial to recognize your style end target when making t-shirt layouts. If you prefer minimalist, excerpts or simple symbols, embossed T-shirts is may be for you. If you prefer your tees to be colorful, surreal, and completely one-of-a-kind, go with the all-over print option, which allows you to use the whole shirt as your canvas. However, if you fall anywhere in the middle, go with direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. This technique provides a wide range of color options, allowing you to print complex designs and highly detailed photographs with almost no color restrictions.

Oowia has everything that you need in a T-shirt and can be customized according to your taste and occasion. From fabric, fit and finish to a wide variety of printing options like all-over-print (AOP), Direct-to-garment (DTG), glow in the dark, etc, Oowia has got you all covered.

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