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All The Inspiration That You Need For Your T-Shirt Business

One might have thought of launching their own customized printed t-shirt company and if not then, now may be the moment! At this point in society, any individual can create their t-shirts, racerback tank tops, and crewneck sweatshirts. Order a single piece or a large quantity to resell in your online or in-store shop. We’ve […]

The Modern-Day Textile Manufacturing

Modern fabric manufacturing facilities are now available in both developed and developing countries. Aside from mechanical advancements in yarn and cloth manufacturing, there have been rapid developments in the production of new fibers, processes to improve textile characteristics, and testing methods that allow for better quality control. Methods of Fabric Cutting Quality is the first […]

Oldest Indigo-Dyed Fabric Ever Is Discovered in Peru

oldest dyed fabric

Among the oldest civilisations, Egypt has often been crowned as the site for various first discoveries. However, a recent excavation in Peru has shifted the limelight from Egypt to America, which was hardly considered as a probable site for first archaeological findings. A team of archaeologists, conducting a research at a prehistoric site called Huaca […]