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Ecommerce Marketing Calendar Strategy For 2022

Holi Festival In India

Gone are the days when spending activities were solely focused on the upcoming major holiday in the fourth quarter of the year. With so much competition, you must target holidays and events all year round to successfully expand your online business. Choose your holidays and spending activities, but remember to schedule ahead of time; here […]

Shipping/Logistics Help Page

OOWIA, being the largest Print On Demand textile manufacturer, dropshipping and fulfilment service provider of India, we undertake the design to delivery model. Thanks to the various courier partners we work with, we support well over 29 thousand PIN Codes across the country. However, since the shipping/logistics business is an extremely people dependent one, sometimes […]


Now that wearing face masks to avoid the transmission of coronavirus is a regular part of our public lives, it’s time to consider which form of face-covering fits best for you. Many people are using neck gaiters and balaclavas as alternatives to conventional cloth masks. But are neck gaiters, also known as snoods or neck […]

Different Prints and Artforms in Indian Textile Industry That Makes Us Want to Appreciate Our Heritage

The Indian garment ethnicity is as large as a continent, with over 30 cloth designs distributed across 28 states and 8 union territories. With each state cultivating their unique textile art for endless years, these skills are not only one of the dreamy, shining, and glorious waterways that merge to shape the many complex and […]

Glow In The Dark Printing: The Next Best Trend Right Now

Screen printing can be used to incorporate a variety of interesting dyes and results, including glow in the dark, which is one of the most fascinating. One might assume that this technology is only appropriate for the stars attached to a kid’s bedroom ceiling, but prepare yourself to get surprised by its multiple uses. Glow-in-the-dark […]